Where to find the worlds best coffee…

Well, you could sip on a rich, black coffee in Turkey, or head to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, to indulge in some of the tastiest and priciest brews in the world.

Or you could make a short trip down to Melbourne to experience what the “coffee capital of Australia” has to offer.

These are the last cities for coffee-lovers, according to US website Huffington Post.

Istanbul, Turkey
Turkey’s Tea (cay) – a rich, black coffee, has been an inspiration to other coffee-loving cities around the world. The coffee beans are roasted and ground into an excellent meal before being boiled with water and often sugar in a cezve (pot). The grounds are left to settle in the glass before being served in a small tulip-shaped glass.
Kailua-Kona, Big Island, Hawaii
This stunning city is home to the world’s tastiest – and most expensive – brews. It has the ideal climate for the Kona coffee crop, with its volcanic soil and gently fluctuating weather conditions. It’s packed full of coffee farms, with many travelers “tasting” their way around the island. According to one traveler: “The farther off the beaten path you go, the better the coffee you’ll find.”

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Where better to visit for a coffee hit than Addis Ababa, known as “the birthplace of coffee”? Experiencing a coffee ceremony is a must. Ethiopians invite some lucky guests into their homes for one of the lengthy rituals, which involved the roasting, grinding and brewing of the beans in a clay pot. Sugar, or sometimes salt, is added to the coffee.

Paris, France
While some travelers love to moan about the quality of coffee in Paris, there are some great cafes around, such as La Caféothèque. Paris also offers a magical atmosphere like no other city, with its open-air seating, cozy tables, and aromatic espresso shots.

Seattle, Washington
The mega-popular coffee shop Starbucks got its start in Seattle in 1971. Say no more. There’s plenty more on offer for coffee-lovers, with the city peppered with indie coffeehouses. There are 35 coffee ships per 100,000 residents – the highest ratio in the US.

Melbourne, Australia
With a reputation as the nation’s coffee capital, Melbourne boasts a large selection of coffee shops that serve up world-renown cups of coffee. In fact, Australians love coffee so much there’s even a publication dedicated to comparing the many offerings – the Melbourne Coffee Review.

According to the Huffington Post: “You’ll find that Melbourne’s coffee spots are as varied and eclectic as their clientele. For instance, the Proud Mary shop sits inside a converted warehouse and provides cold-dripped coffee to a cool, quirky crowd, while the Lygon Street Café serves an Italian-style cup paired with tiramisu to Melbourne University patrons.”

Havana, Cuba
You can’t visit Havana without trying a café Cubano – an espresso shot infused with Demerara sugar that offers a small, sweet drink packed with caffeine. Famous cafes include the Café de las Infusiones. Many grind beans that are sourced directly from Cuba’s Escambray and Sierra Maestra mountains.

Tel Aviv, Israel
The coastal city is brimming with cafes that serve dark and intense brews. Travelers wanting a milkier mixture need to ask for an espresso hafukh. It’s easy to fall in love with the café culture here, which has a mellow, hip vibe.

Lisbon, Portugal
Another city offerings its own particular brand of coffee, the Portuguese bica rivals Turkish coffee in its intensity. Step into a pasteleria to enjoy one of the tasty brews along with the city’s signature tart, the pastel de nata.

Santa María de Dota, Costa Rica
Costa Rica has cultivated the Arabica coffee bean, widely regarded as the crème-de-la-crème of the crop – since the 18th century. Visit the coffee plantations of Santa Maria de Dota for what may be the most peaceful location to sup a cafecito (black coffee).

Rome, Italy
From cappuccinos to macchiatos to espressos and more, this city thrives on caffeine. In Italy, coffee is a form of art. The best bars can be found at Caffè Sant’Eustachio, by the Pantheon.

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